Tony Jeffries shares some advanced boxing game plans that you could use to win your next boxing fight. These game plans can be used in different fight scenarios like, you are facing a taller opponent, a smaller pressure fighter or even a southpaw boxer. You could practice perfect techniques in your boxing training but being prepared and having plans will make you win fights.

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0:00 Boxing Game Plans that Will Help Win Fights
0:36 Fighting Taller Opponent
5:20 Counter the Jab
16:51 Dealing with Pressure Fighter
21:15 Beat a Southpaw Boxer
24:30 Where to Aim Punches
27:49 Create Space when Fighting Inside
30:55 Learn from Canelo
38:49 Be a Step Ahead
44:53 Increase Boxing IQ
48:13 Escaping the Ropes

My name is Tony Jeffries, Olympic Bronze medallist now co-owner of Box ‘N Burn, 2 boxing fitness gyms in Los Angeles, as well as the Box ‘N Burn Academy…this i a sour education program where we teach trainers how to teach boxers

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