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The complete guide to the Fouts Boxing Combat system 299.99.

Learn the footwork of Kovalev and Usyk and the secret to their Pendulum SPEED AND POWER

Partner drills to beat the Jab. Learn to get on the line and off the line, set up pendulum steps, control the line and learn where your feet go, your hands, your head. Learn how to do all of these things in BOTH stances. Testimonial of the fighters that are featured in this 4 hour video series available on it’s page.

The ultimate guide to learning how to throw every punch with speed, power, and accuracy, as well as learn to move around in the ring without breaking your body mechanics, and always being able to be in a position to punch! This course is designed for beginners – intermediate, or anyone who struggles to learn to transfer their weight, change positions, cross the line, or needs to learn how to throw a particular punch.

I designed this simple 9 drill series as a complete guide to all the rules for learning all the punches in boxing, as well as teach how to develop expert level weight transitions and strong fundamentals for fighting off the front foot, back foot, and middle of your line. As well as teach the fighters proper positioning when performing each technique, how to most easily develop power and proper body mechanics to fluidly throw combinations with speed and power, all while also teaching the fundamentals of moving your head when you punch, blocking, slipping, and rolling, in only 9 Drills. The Drills are each designed to target and teach a different aspect of your technique and positioning and are designed in a way that both speed and power can be applied to them for maximum stress on your technique for maximum development in the shortest amount of time. The true Genius of these drills is how you will choose your favorite ones and put them together to flow into each other to create fun, unique, interesting, and REALISTIC combat scenarios you can learn and put together at your own pace.

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