Roblox Untitled Boxing Game is a new upcoming fighting game on roblox with 8 different fighting styles that include Ippo, Hitman, Counter, Long Guard, Basic, corkscrew, Smash, and Trickster. I use each of these fighting styles!

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Hello everyone!

So I made a poll yesterday about what kind of video you guys wanted to see next, and the how-to-use series won by a landslide.
so let’s start this series by showing you how to use a style that just released, the ghost style.
the ghost style is obtained by pulling it on the gacha, with a 1% chance of you getting it.
or you could get it on your one-hundredth pull on pity.
Let’s first show off Ghost’s fundamentals, ghost has an average block and a very good dash
making it a good style for passive players, think of it as the corkscrew style without the healing and the amazing block.
now for his unique mechanic, the ghost jab.
the ghost jab is the fastest jab in the game. it’s so fast that if you perfect dodge it, it won’t even show the ghost user moving his fist.
but in return for this broken jab, the jab barely does any damage and cannot be chained into another jab when blocked. and if they do block, you get stunned for a brief while giving your opponent a ton of time to recover. or they might even punish you.
and the jab also has stun on it when you land it, making it connect to his m2 the corkscrew punch. although it is still possible to dodge the m2 if you mess up the timing.
so how do you utilize this jab?
first off, you do not throw this out randomly. it’s just too risky because of the amount of end lag you get when you miss the ghost jab or when it gets blocked. most of the time. it’s a free m2 to the face for them.
and the jab’s speed makes it so that you can actually counter already thrown-out jabs. for most styles at least. here’s a list of the styles that you could counter their already thrown-out jab.
so how do you use the ghost style properly? well, you play it passive-aggressively. you switch between these two during the fight. one example is that you go in to land a ghost jab and sometimes you throw it instantly and sometimes you wait for them to dash first then you jab. or you could do something like, instead of jabbing you throw out an m2 instead of m1 making them think they dodged the jab but in reality, they’re going to get hit by your m2.
or you could wait or predict their move’s landing counter hit after counter hit with your jab.
and as you already know ghost’s major weakness is blocking. and how you beat people that are blocking is simple. m2 their block to wear it down or just keep jabbing because most of the time they can’t really punish you that quick after blocking your jab. Or you could just wait for them to do something, they can’t keep blocking forever, they can’t win without landing a hit on you.
anyways that’s how you use the ghost style. was this video informative? if so what style would you want me to showcase on the next how-to-use video? comment down below your answers! anyways that’s all from me, see you guys on the next one, peace.
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