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Yeah so i made a multiplayer boxing game and fought some people in it, like Dani who made Muck and Among Us 3D, and PolyMars who made a game in discord. Mujj 🙂


//About Me
Hi I’m Retro a game developer who uses the Unity Game Engine to create games, I do random challenges like ripping off a popular game or making a game in under a certain amount of time. I’m yet to release a commercial game but I want to in the future.

•Jalen – Truth
•j^p^n – bloom
•Zelda BOTW – Hateno Village theme
•OMORI – by your side
•jump man 93 – bruh
•Undertale – shop
•OMORI – Let’s Get Together Now!
•The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time – Inside a House
•Undertale – Spear Of Justice
•Undertale – Main Menu Theme
•Undertale – Nyeh Heh Heh!
•Deltarune – The World Revolving
•Deltarune – Rude Buster
•Moow – Honey

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