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Here you’ll learn how to create your very first fighting game with JavaScript and HTML canvas. We’ll start by coding some basic fighting game mechanics, then we’ll take things to the next level by adding in professional sprite sheets and graphics.

Google Drive Assets:

Finished Demo:
Source Code:

Oak Woods Assets:
Fighter Asset #1:
Fighter Asset #2:

0:00 Introduction
0:43 Project Setup
8:07 Create Player and Enemy
28:00 Move Characters with Event Listeners
50:12 Attacks
1:11:31 Health Bar Interface
1:34:27 Game Timers and Game Over
1:51:27 Background Sprite
2:05:10 Shop Sprite with Animation
2:23:08 Player Sprite – Idle
2:36:24 Player Sprite – Run
2:43:39 Player Sprite – Jump
2:58:03 Player Sprite – Attack
3:01:53 Enemy Sprite – Kenji
3:07:04 React to Sprite Attacks
3:20:32 Receive Hit Animation
3:29:11 Death Animation
3:35:32 Interface Design and Animation
3:49:55 Push Live
3:55:57 End