Getting beaten up in VR is a weird experience, this new VR fighting game feels like a classic Virtua Fighter, Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat for VR & when paired with a bHaptics vest you get to feel every kick or punch as it connects. Dragon Fist VR is a new VR game (soon to be a new Quest 2 game coming soon) which aims to capture the feeling of a classic one on one fighting game for virtual reality fans, with a huge roster of characters (many of which feel like riffs on classic Mortal Kombat characters in particular), levels to unlock, special moves to master & some hilariously janky movement animations this is some of the most silly fun you can have in VR whilst also working up quite a sweat. As far as VR fitness games go Dragon Fist VR Kung Fu might not be the most elegant but after 3 or 4 fights and LOTS of arm flailing you’ll no doubt be feeling the burn and laughing the entire time…

Typically VR fighting games tend to be arena brawlers, games like Blade and Sorcery, Hellsplit Arena & Drunkn Bar Fight throw players into whacky locations against a mob of VR opponents, however Dragon Fist VR aims to stick to a more conventional one on one setup clearly inspired by games like Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat. Dragon Fist also has one of the best spectator camera systems I have ever seen in VR, with options to show the fight from your own point of view, the enemies point of view, a mixture of the two OR a fantastic sideways camera angle that displays the fight like those classic flatscreen games this was so heavily inspired by. Seeing your VR fights play out like Mortal Kombat VR is genuinely brilliant but I’m unsure as to whether this feature will survive the jump to Quest 2 when the game launches later this year.

This Dragon Fist VR gameplay was captured using a Quest 2 airlink connection, this gameplay is not representative of the Dragon Fist VR Quest 2 version coming soon.

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0:00 – Intro
2:32 – Training
8:04 – Character select
10:57 – Round 1 – FIGHT!
16:47 – I know Kung Fu… Show me!
19:46 – Spectator camera (AMAZING)
23:03 – Final thoughts