Ready 2 Rumble Boxing is a quirky 3D boxing title by Midway and originally developed by “Point of View, Inc.” in 1999 for Dreamcast and soon adapted for Playstation, Nintendo 64, and Game Boy Color. The game was a big success on the Dreamcast and became one of the systems few “Sega All Stars” titles. It was also followed by two sequels, “Ready 2 Rumble Boxing: Round 2” and “Ready 2 Rumble Revolution” (only on Wii). Ready 2 Rumble for Dreamcast had two prints, as the initial print had various errors. The corrected version had various signs to show it differed from the original, such as a different UPC and cover that says “Hot! New!”. The game features the memorable ring announcer, Michael Buffer, who says his signature catchphrase: “Let’s get ready to rumble!”.

Ready 2 Rumble features over a dozen characters with varying stats and skills, as well as silly taunts. The game’s stand-out feature is the inclusion of the “RUMBLE” meter, which gets filled as the player lands successful hard blows or successful actions. When full, the player can activate “Rumble Mode” and deliver a punishing “Rumble Flurry” with a combination of buttons that has immense knockout power if landed successfully. The game features a few simple options as well as an Arcade Mode and Championship Mode. In Championship Mode, the player chooses a character and trains them while rising through the ranks to become the world’s best boxer. The game featured fairly good audio/visuals for its time, with characters receiving battle scars as they get whipped in battle.

This is a simple video of the game in action. Enjoy.