Boxing games have always been popular in the video game industry, and that’s never been more true than in virtual reality. VR boxing games offer players the chance to experience the feeling of real-world boxing without the pain you feel on the receiving end of a punch. No longer do you have to mash buttons in the perfect combo to get the right hit on your opponent; now, you can throw punches like you’re actually boxing and the controller acts as an extension of your hands in the virtual world. Virtual reality boxing is not a perfect re-creation of the actual sport, as some movements are often simplified to accommodate the limits of current technology. But despite that, many of these games still offer a realistic representation of boxing that’s great for having fun and reaching your fitness goals.

Some of the most popular and highly-regarded VR boxing apps include:
The Thrill of the Fight: This is the best-rated boxing game currently available in VR. It’s similar to real boxing in that it takes a significant amount of blows and force to beat your opponents, and this means that it can get repetitive at times, but unlike other games, it does well at showing the force of your attacks.

BoxVR: This virtual reality boxing game provides a great workout, as it is more of a fitness game than a strictly boxing game. It uses music-based time mechanics to deliver a serious workout with jabbing and punching and has more than 20 hours of choreographed routines.

Virtual Boxing League: This VR boxing simulator is at the intersection of boxing and arcade games. It features five opponents and levels of difficulties to master before you’ve completed the main game, but it also has mini-games that offer even more challenges. The biggest draw this game has to offer is that it has multiplayer capabilities, so friends can play against each other to punch, jab, and dodge while building personal fighting styles to carve out the edge they need to win.

Knockout League: Unlike the other entries on this list, Knockout League isn’t a serious boxing simulator. It’s designed to be a fun and goofy arcade-style VR boxing game that’s perfect for people who loved the Punch-Out!! games. It features a colorful cast of zany characters with their own unique attacks and styles along with plenty of humor and charm, but that doesn’t mean not to expect a workout from it. It’s fun, but it still packs a punch.

The Fastest Fist: This game is the perfect intersection between The Thrill of the Fight and BoxVR. It’s a high-intensity boxing simulator that also provides a great workout. You’ll work with a trainer who holds up bags for you to punch and also throws jabs and punches that you need to dodge.