Best fighting games on the Super Nintendo. NO JAPANESE EXCLUSIVES.
I’ve not included Street fighter 2 TWW , Fatal Fury 2 or MK 3 in this video,they’d probably make it near the bottom half of the video in their own right.
SF2 Turbo, FF Special and Ultimate MK3 are very similar but better upgrades of these games.

Fighter’s history
King of the monsters
Power instinct
Art of fighting
World heroes
MMPR the fighting edition
Tuff E nuff
Mortal kombat
World heroes 2
Turtles tournament fighters
Samurai shodown
Fatal fury special
Ultimate mortal kombat 3
Street fighter alpha 2
Killer instinct
Mortal kombat II
Super street fighter II
Street fighter II turbo


Ballz 3D
Battle blaze
Brutal:paws of fury
Clayfighter tournament edition
Clayfighter 2 Judgement day
Doomsday warrior
Double dragon V
Dragon ball Z hyper dimension
Dragon ball Z
Dragon ball Z La legende salen
Dragon ball Z ultime menace
Dragon the Bruce Lee story
Fatal fury
Fatal fury 2
Justice league taskforce
King of the monsters 2
Mortal kombat 3
Pit fighter
Power moves
Primal rage
Ranma 1/2
Rise of the robots
Shaq fu
Street combat
Street fighter II


Best of the best karate
Boxing legends of the ring
Foreman for real
George Foreman’s KO boxing
Hammerlock wrestling
Natsume championship wrestling
Riddick Bowe boxing
Saturday night slam masters
Super punch out!!
TKO super championship boxing
WCW superbrawl
WWF raw
WWF Super wrestlemania
WWF Royal rumble
WWF Wrestlemania the arcade game