Let’s compare the blocking system of EVERY combat sports game EVER! Which one do you think had the most realistic and enjoyable system?

Games we’ll be comparing: EA MMA, Fight Night Champion, UFC Undisputed 3, UFC 2, UFC 3, and UFC 4.

Combat Sports Gaming used to be UFC 4 Tips and Tricks. We give tips on EA UFC 4, EA UFC 3 and other combat video games. You can also find striking and grappling tips on our channel.

UFC 4 Tips and tricks were created as a way to bring the EA Sports UFC community together so we can all get BETTER!

We put out the most in-depth, STRAIGHT TO THE POINT UFC 4 tutorials. Our videos go WAY beyond simply telling you the controls. I’ll show you the exact strategies the top players are using to climb the rankings in UFC 4, yes, the tips and tricks THEY USE…That they DON’T WANT YOU TO KNOW!

In the coming weeks, I’ll be releasing tutorials that show you how to maintain the clinch in UFC 4 and how to score easy knockouts while doing so. These UFC 4 grappling tutorials will easily carry you from getting whooped in quick fights to DOMINATING UFC 4 ranked online!

What do you think about the changes made in UFC 4? Do you like the new grappling and ground and pound?

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