Fighters are the original character-based games, a design trait that is becoming more and more common in recent PvP games of other genres.

Fighting games have a bad reputation in terms of accessibility that doesn’t exactly reflect reality. With this video, I’m hoping to dispel some of the misconceptions and get more people to give this fantastic genre a try.

00:00 Intro
00:45 Once upon a time
03:42 The fighting game experience
05:29 On difficulty
08:50 Skill floor in fighting games
12:09 “It’s too fast for me”
13:02 “I don’t like losing”
15:15 Conclusion

Themes used (in order of appearance):

Actor’s Anteroom – Melty Blood AACC – Character select screen
The Path of Duty – GBVS – Katalina’s Theme
Elegant Summer – Melty Blood AACC – Akiha’s Theme
Licht – GBVS – Ferry’s Theme
Moonsiders 1st – Tekken 7 – Infinite Azure Stage Theme
Severe person – Melty Blood AACC – Miyako’s theme
Spunky – Street Fighter III 3rd Strike – Makoto’s theme

Rubbish’s video:

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Channels you should check out (in order of appearance in the video (which is no particular order)):
Core-A Gaming:
Gekko Squirrel:
Seldom Sad Sam:
Leon Massey:
Massive Zug:
Press Button Win:

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Music: Local Forecast – Slower by Kevin MacLeod
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